Getting injured or falling ill is more than just a disruption to your daily routine. It can also put your hard-earned wealth at considerable risk. By implementing a well thought out risk strategy you and your family can have peace of mind and reassurance that even through tough times you will be able to focus on the task of recovery without jeopardizing your wealth.

However, simply having insurance is not enough – it must be suited to your needs. Being aware of the potential risks and financial implications is crucial. In addition it is also important to understand the key features and terms and conditions of your insurance arrangements so you know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

Life is unpredictable. Your family is important to you, as you are to them. As the head of the family, everyone wants a secured life for their family members. Do you have any back up plans in the event of your death and your family can no longer depend on your income for living expense.? Even if you have protection against such scenario, is it adequate? Life Insurance helps you protect yourself and your family against an uncertain future. It is not mandatory- but can you not afford to have it?

Your insurance needs are dependent on your responsibilities and financial commitments. And these are defined by your life stage and your needs. For. e.g. If you have just began a family, you need a policy that would provide for your child’s needs for higher education, or marriage or a business venture.

We will help in evaluating your current insurance cover and recommending the correct insurance cover for you. We assist in :