A goal without a plan is just a wish.

We all have dreams and desires but we do not plan our investments according to our goals, most people invest in an unplanned manner. Goal based investing adds direction to an investment. A structured, well thought out process for investing, where you know the purpose behind each rupee that is being invested is known as goal based investing.

It comprises of two parts- planning and investments. Goal planning notifies the amount that is required to fund the goal and the how much is needed to invest regularly or one-time to get to the desired amount. Investing that amount in the most suitable product helps to achieve the goal without any difficulty.

Ways to achieve your goals
Start Early
Be Disciplined
Be Patient
Start Early

The earlier you start, the easier it is to build wealth. By investing at an early stage of life, you learn a pattern of financial independence and discipline. By starting early your investments gets more time to grow in value and you develop a habit of saving more. It also improves your risk-taking ability and leads to compounding returns as it grows your money with time.

Be Disciplined

Investment discipline is easy to read about. It’s the same as a doctor telling you to exercise regularly, eat right and get plenty of rest. It sounds so easy when someone else says it! Yet in real life it’s not so easy to do. That’s why we must be reminded to be disciplined as it’s the only gateway in achieving your goal.

Be Patient

Tree and grass need time to grow, and therefore, they symbolize patience. It is same with us too. We need time to achieve goals, especially long term goals, as this requires patience. If we are too impatient, desiring to have immediate results, we might be disappointed and quit our goals.

Goal Based Planning is set in three time frames


Has a time frame of few months to one year. It covers immediate goals such as buying a car or going for foreign vacation in the near future.


Involves a time frame from one to five years. Midterm goals include buying a house or starting a business in 3-5 years down the line.


Involves plans that are more than five years off. It includes goals such as retirement or child education.